Friday, 21 June 2013

Prove it to me

The modern world is a product of the enlightenment, the scientific revolution. In science nothing is accepted as true until it has been proved beyond a burden of doubt. Until strong evidence is found, verifiable, recorded, replicatable evidence, nothing is true.

Yet before evidence was recorded, verified, replicated, was the truth untrue. Did the act of observation give substance to something which, before science described it, was a pack of lies? Did evolution for instance exist before Darwin wrote his book? If Darwin had demanded proof before he spent considerable money, time and effort investigating his theory, he would have never left England. He, like all scientists, needed to make a leap of faith, to invest himself in a theory he had faith in, but no evidence, in order to see if it worked. He had to do this before he knew for sure one way or the other. It was only after living his life in pursuit of evolution that he discovered evidence to support his faith. The scientific revolution has led many people to demand evidence before acceptance, but this is a fallacy. If we refuse to first proceed on faith this severely hampers us and our understanding of the world.